Uppy Cup Privacy Policy

Uppy Cup requests minimal information from players to play the game, this data will never be shared with third parties, and is only used to contribute towards the game experience.

Players are asked to select their preferred language, a country to represent, and a unique username. This information is stored on our servers.

The selected country, the username, and any high scores the player achieves, will be visible to other players, in the leaderboards, username search results, and possibly in the main menu of the game.

If a player wishes to remove their data from our system, please contact us at support@uppycup.app

Facebook data usage

If a player chooses to use Facebook, to find and add friends who are playing the game, Uppy Cup uses the player's Facebook id to match and connect them with their Facebook friends.

Uppy Cup does not store any sensitive information from Facebook, such as the email address, profile picture, real name, date of birth, etc. Only the player's facebook id, a unique long number, is stored on our system, to connect the player with their Facebook friends.

If a player chooses to use Facebook, usage data may be collected from Facebook, for statistics and their own services. To find out more, visit the following link:

Facebook's Data Policy

Other third party data usage

• Analytics

Uppy Cup uses Flurry Analytics, provided by Yahoo, to generally see how users are using the app. Game events, such as button presses, achievements, screens visited, languages and countries selected, highscores reached, etc, are sent to Flurry to help us understand how Uppy Cup is being played.

Like most analytics services, Flurry uses device identifiers, and information such as IP addresses, to provide general information about user retention, play times, country usage, etc. This is considered 'personal information' under GDPR.

• Advertising

Uppy Cup is a free game, and occasionally shows advertisements using the Chartboost service.

Chartboost collects user data, including device identifiers and IP addresses, and 'may collect post-install events' from users. This is considered 'personal information' under GDPR.

• Opt out

Uppy Cup players are able to opt out of the analytics and advertising services, mentioned above, from the initial setup screen in the game, or from the info screen linked from the main menu.

For more information contact us at info@uppycup.app